Thursday, February 23, 2017


Hello! Just wanted to introduce myself and my band before we get this awesomeness started. My name is Akaiysha. I have been singing since I was born and playing guitar for 3 years now. I just recently got lessons however. I created this band because I know where I want to be and this band is just that. I want to be a singer in a band so I figured why not create my own. My lead guitarist is Johnathan. He has been playing guitar for a long time. He is self taught for the most part however a family member of his teaches him a few things too. At the moment it is just the two of us but if things go our way we will have our rhythm guitar and bass very soon. We write all of our music ourselves. However, we do not write them together for the most part. We usually just write down what we think is kool and then show the other and make a few changes and the song is done. That process takes a lot longer than it sounds like it takes. We play just about every genre of music, however, our most common is Pop Punk, alternative, and metal. Our first finished stuff should be coming in March. However, I will be posting demo's of the ones I wrote by myself before hand.

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  1. SCRATHCH THAT!!!!!!! Our first album will be out in either April or May